Electronic queue – Queue management system “Maxima”

Electronic queue system “Maxima” - one of the best in class “universal queue management”.

This mean, that system may be used in any organization. There is no divisions and restrictions for software as only for medicine, government, tax services, etc.

We believe, what almost all software functions can be used in all type of organizations (except specific integrations). So, function “Autocall” has developed for government organizations, after received recognition at banks, and later improved at retail, for example, in the sector of real estate sales.

Queue management system “Maxima” works with equipment, made by different manufacturer (a few dozen). Thanks to the extensibility mechanism, process of adding devices from new manufacturers (with another work technology and exchange protocol) occurs in the shortest possible time and doesn’t affect of other programs of QMS.

The programs of electronic queue Maxima” supports an unlimited number of languages and also has a voice prompt in various languages. If necessary, it’s possible operative free adding new languages.

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